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This is a little bit different for me (and this blog), but I really wanted to vent out these feelings in a healthy and positive way, so I'm writing.

Lets talk about body and mind - they come hand in hand, but mindset changes everything. A few things have had an affect on my weight, but poor mind management seems to be the biggest factor. In my third year of university I was swamped in doubt and stress, because (and anyone who's done it will agree) doing a degree is hard, especially when away from the comfort of your home town and family.

This formed an awfully strained relationship with food and my body. I hated eating and I hated myself, I felt anxiously sick all then time. I was forced to eat to the point of tears, which was very much the wrong way to deal with the problem. I was also encouraged to weigh myself daily, again this only formed and issue with my body equalling a number and if it wasn't the 'goal' number then I'd hate myself more.

The pressure from others and social media was only adding to the problem. When I was home and in a position to change parts of my life to make my mind healthier and happier, I noticed that with a better mindset, my attitude towards my body changed. Cutting the people that tell you, or that make you feel as though you aren't good enough, changes EVERYTHING.

I used to look at the top image (taken November, 18) and hate it, but now I understand that your body can deal with emotional things physically too, I was hurt and my body was feeling it. The bottom image is what my body looks like now. There's not a huge difference physically, but my mind and body are starting to communicate as one again.

I am surrounded by beautiful beings that support me. If you're struggling TALK, it is so important and life changing.

Love, respect and listen to your body & your mind xoxo

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