Not broken.

This project was an extension of my 'Polaroids & Flowers' series but it became it's own. Throughout the project I experimented with a range of photographic mediums and processes to help express myself best.

I came back to instant photos because of the lack of control that you have when using them, and the impatient waiting for them to develop allowed for thinking. The process of planning and taking the photo is much more rewarding and important to me than the final outcome itself. Although, with that being said, I am still unbelievably proud of the final images.

The flowers I chose were then carefully dismantled, and picked apart, and then arranged delicately onto white cotton. The creases in the fabric show the imperfectness of life, and I placed the broken flower onto this. The flower essentially represents me and my feeling of brokenness.

However, the project is called 'Not broken' for a reason, and in all my lows and feelings of despair, I was reminded that I was not at all broken, but growing and learning, and mourning.

Check out the rest of the series here:

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