Polaroids & Flowers

Photography is a therapy. I use different approaches within photography, which help to portray how I'm feeling and allow me to understand the complexity within my mind. I struggle when dealing with emotions and I find that photography helps me to bring these to the surface.

Throughout this project I concentrate on colour and florals as a way of representing this. I have a strong interest in the way that colour can influence us in our day to day lives and how they can influence memories. Similarly, I'm interesting in the way that our memories and experiences can reflect on how we view a colour, differently to a friend, family member, colleague. I have always shown a connection with florals and flowers, during my recent projects I've used flowers to represent vulnerability and delicacy. Initially I used just a flatbed scanner to create my work, pressing the flowers between the glass, this created a beautiful shallow depth of field.

Layering was something that became of huge interest to me. and with clear intentions for the project I researched artists; Barney Wilczak, Ryan Hopkinson, Qi Wei, and Inka Mathew. These artists all have a connection to flowers and colour. Inka Mathew especially influences me with her visual diary, using Pantone colour swatches and her memories to pair objects and colours perfectly as one.

The final outcome for this project combined many processes I experimented around with. I used square format instant Polaroids and layered florals that matched their colour, scanning these to combine and create the finals for 'Polaroids & Flowers'.

You can see more of the finals here: https://jodieebutler.wixsite.com/photos/polaroidsandflowers

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